How technology innovations in lifestyle medicine are unlocking the future of preventive care

The future of preventive care is inextricably linked to advances in technology, particularly when it comes to lifestyle medicine. Technology innovations such as Engagement Rx® are enabling healthcare professionals to provide more comprehensive and personalized health services to individuals, while at the same time helping to improve population health outcomes. In this blog post, we will explore how technological innovations in lifestyle medicine are unlocking the future of preventive care.

Personalized Care

Engagement Rx allows medical providers to create personalized wellness plans for their patients based on demographic data, health history, and lifestyle goals. The tool offers a set of advanced features that enable practitioners to track patient progress and adjust program components as needed. With tailored programs, healthcare professionals can provide more personalized interventions – providing better results for their patients and leading to improved population health outcomes overall.

Remote Monitoring

But Engagement Rx is not just about personalization – it’s also about accessibility. This allows healthcare providers to extend the reach of their services beyond geographic boundaries. Engagement Rx’s remote monitoring capabilities enable medical professionals to provide high-quality care paths from anywhere in the world and in 14 languages. This makes it easier for practitioners to connect with patients and ensure that they are making progress towards their health goals.

Interactive Content

Engagement Rx provides interactive content – including quizzes, educational resources, and videos – which engages patients and makes it easier for them to understand lifestyle recommendations. By leveraging this approach, practitioners can foster an ongoing relationship with their patients and ensure long-term success in lifestyle medicine interventions.


Engagement Rx helps providers scale their practice by consolidating resources into one centralized platform for delivering lifestyle medicine programs. This increases access to preventive healthcare services while decreasing administrative overhead associated with managing multiple programs or treatments across different platforms. As a result, practices can deliver top notch preventive care at scale without compromising quality or accuracy of care delivered – ultimately leading to better population outcomes in terms of health status and wellbeing overall.


Technology innovations in lifestyle medicine have allowed healthcare professionals to offer more personalization, scalability, enhanced patient engagement, and remote monitoring capabilities. By harnessing Engagement Rx, medical practices can extend the reach of their services beyond physical boundaries – ultimately leading to better population outcomes in terms of health status and well-being overall.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Seema Sarin, MD, FACLM, and author of The Practitioner’s Guide to Lifestyle Medicine stated, “Proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, cultivating positive relationships and avoidance of risky substances have the potential to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic diseases in the US and worldwide. Integrated strategies that work within current healthcare infrastructure are necessary to improve population health at every level.”


Supporting patient wellness goals without working 24/7

The last three years have been detrimental to the U.S. healthcare system. We’ve all seen the headlines proclaiming the “U.S. Healthcare System is in Critical Condition,” or that “Providers are Serving More with Less Staff, Funding.” These all ring true – the system is fractured.

The healthcare system’s stressors are being compounded at every turn. To start, healthcare workers are burnt out. A recent study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, a peer-reviewed journal, shows that nearly 63% of physicians reported one manifestation of burnout in 2021, a dramatic increase from 38% in 2020 suggesting distress was overwhelmingly work related.

Also adding to the strain are staffing shortages, forcing already weary healthcare workers to do more with less. The alarm’s been sounding for years, but today, the U.S. faces a shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2034, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The same story is playing out across the board, from primary to mental healthcare.

And at a time when patients need extra support to overcome the many barriers throughout their healthcare journey – which can hinder care, progress and recovery – providers are also in need of reinforcements. Advanced technologies, like automation, are coming to their aid.

Providing health and wellness support that goes beyond the clinic

There often aren’t enough hours in the day for patients to take the actions they want, and need, to make lasting health and wellness changes. However, given the sheer prevalence of chronic health conditions in the U.S., where 6 in 10  Americans live with at least one chronic disease, it is imperative providers take action to support their patients’ wellness journeys in any way they can. The good news, they can achieve this without working around the clock.

With a digital wellness tool, providers can bridge the care gap to support patients well beyond the clinic. How? By automating everything including patient messaging, reminders, coaching and the sharing of engaging, relevant and on-demand content that addresses individual needs without requiring added time from already strained healthcare workers.

Meeting patient expectations that don’t align with traditional care models

Physical and follow-up appointments typically don’t allow adequate time to address all of a patient’s needs. As for the one-on-one coaching that drives engagement and helps patients achieve lasting healthy outcomes, that’s impossible in a traditional care setting.

Patients, however, both need and have come to expect high, personal levels of care – like the 24/7 help they receive from nearly all other services. It’s a standard of care that only stands to exasperate provider burnout. And with value-based care, providers have to meet expectations for improving health outcomes, despite factors that are well beyond their control.

Here comes automation to lighten the load. With digitally enabled at-home support, providers can meet – and also exceed – patient expectations by creating personal care paths that elevate the entire patient experience. Now, providers can give patients the personal coaching and attention they need to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Delivering personalized care experiences that lead to better outcomes

Digital platforms – like Engagement Rx® with Flows 2.0 – deliver wellness coaching and automation to help providers meet patients where they are and deliver essential wellness services 24/7. With the ability to automate digital patient interactions, say after a missed appointment or wellness achievement, providers can keep patients on track with ease.

Such platforms can be leveraged to:

  • Deliver on-demand, microlearning content and courses
  • Communicate patient support in a private, convenient way
  • Provide messages of encouragement and track progress

With the ability to create personalized care pathways, providers can help patients build a solid foundation for every step of their health and wellness journey. It’s a win-win-win for patients, providers and the healthcare system. Patients who successfully improve their health, complete treatment protocols and continue to make healthier choices require fewer interventions – meaning less strain on limited resources and weary healthcare providers.

Discover how Avidon Health’s Engagement Rx Flows 2.0 makes it easier for providers to create customized care pathways for large groups of patients that can effectively deliver more personalized care, patient interactions and lasting healthy outcomes.


Harnessing the power of Engagement Rx in lifestyle medicine practices

Engagement Rx® is a powerful technology solution that has the potential to revolutionize the way medical professionals deliver lifestyle medicine to their patients. With its content rich care paths, Engagement Rx makes it easier for patients to achieve their lifestyle goals and promote optimal health. In this article, we will explore how medical professionals can harness the power of Engagement Rx to enhance their lifestyle medicine practices and better serve their patients.

What is Engagement Rx?

Engagement Rx is a comprehensive technology tool that provides healthcare professionals with the resources they need to deliver effective lifestyle medicine programs. The tool includes modules, courses, targeting and tracking features, and other advanced features that enable healthcare professionals to create customized lifestyle medicine programs for their patients.

Engagement Rx makes use of behavior change methodologies such as motivational interviewing, goal setting, and positive reinforcement to create a personalized approach to lifestyle medicine for each patient. The tool also includes interactive programs, videos, quizzes, and other engaging content that keep patients motivated and on track with their health goals.

How can Engagement Rx enhance lifestyle medicine practices?

  • Customized health programs: Engagement Rx provides medical professionals with the ability to create customized care paths tailored to individual patient needs. The solution enables doctors to personalize each patient’s program, considering their health goals and status.
  • Track progress and outcomes: Engagement Rx tracks patient behavior and evaluates the effectiveness of lifestyle medicine interventions. Health practitioners can track patient progress, support adherence to recommended health behaviors, and provide patients with data-driven feedback.
  • Remote patient monitoring: With Engagement Rx, physicians can monitor patient health remotely, reducing office visits, and improving patient satisfaction. Health practitioners can use Engagement Rx to deliver health trackers to monitor the patients’ physical activity, stress, sleep, and other health-related behaviors.
  • Resource consolidation: Engagement Rx provides healthcare practitioners with a centralized platform for delivering lifestyle medicine programs. The software consolidates resources and supports scalability, enabling practitioners to provide exemplary care to more individuals.
  • Better patient engagement: Engagement Rx leads to better patient engagement by creating personalized approaches to lifestyle medicine. The tool engages patients with interactive content, quizzes, and other educational resources, making it easier for them to understand and implement health recommendations.


Engagement Rx presents an unparalleled opportunity for medical professionals to enhance their lifestyle medicine practices. The solution’s features allow for personalized care paths, customization of wellness journeys, tracking, adding unique content, and overall better patient engagement. Healthcare providers can manage their patients better by making use of the advanced features of Engagement Rx. By harnessing the power of Engagement Rx, medical professionals can deliver exemplary preventive care and guide patients toward healthier living.


How Engagement Rx expands your lifestyle medicine practice beyond physical boundaries

Engagement Rx® is a powerful technology tool that can help you expand your lifestyle medicine practice beyond physical boundaries. With its advanced features and customizable care paths, Engagement Rx allows healthcare professionals to create personalized wellness programs for patients regardless of their location. In this article, we will discuss how Engagement Rx can help you expand your lifestyle medicine practice beyond physical boundaries.


Telemedicine has made medical care available to patients regardless of their location. With Engagement Rx, you can extend your lifestyle medicine services beyond your geographic region. The solution’s tracking features enable you to provide high-quality health services to your patients from anywhere.

Customized patient programs

Engagement Rx allows you to create customized wellness programs for your patients based on their demographic data, health history, and lifestyle goals. The tool’s advanced features enable you to track and monitor patient progress, provide support and feedback, and adjust the program as necessary. With tailored programs, you can offer personalized care to patients, even those from a different location.

Interactive content

Engagement Rx features interactive courses, quizzes, and educational resources that engage patients and make it easier for them to understand and implement healthy lifestyle recommendations. The interactive content is accessible online, making it easier for patients to access from wherever they are and regardless of where they are located.

Better patient engagement

Engagement Rx enhances patient engagement by personalizing approaches to lifestyle medicine. The tool provides a platform for patients to access health content and track their progress, making it easier for them to achieve their health goals. With better patient engagement, you can foster an ongoing relationship with your patients and ensure long-term success in lifestyle medicine.


Engagement Rx enables you to scale your practice by consolidating resources and providing a centralized platform for delivering lifestyle medicine programs. With a scalable solution, you can deliver comprehensive preventive care to more patients, regardless of their location.


Engagement Rx offers a powerful solution for expanding your lifestyle medicine practice beyond physical boundaries. Avidon Health is focused on the personalization and application of behavior-based science to address hard-to-break habits. This approach combined with Lifestyle medicine is making a real difference. Lifestyle Medicine is an emerging field that seeks to prevent, treat, and manage chronic diseases through lifestyle interventions, such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, sleep and social support.

With customized patient programs, interactive content, better patient engagement, and scalability, you can offer top-notch preventive care to patients from anywhere in the world. The solution’s features make it easier for healthcare practitioners to connect with patients and deliver personalized healthcare services. By harnessing the power of Engagement Rx, you can grow your lifestyle medicine practice and make a more significant impact on improving population health.


Enhanced automation and content creation now part of Engagement Rx

Flows 2.0 makes it easier to create customized care paths that can be efficiently implemented for large groups of participants, allowing for more personalized and effective participant interactions.

Health coaching teams know that building trusting connections with their clients and personalizing care can help improve health outcomes. However, in today’s healthcare landscape, health coaching teams do not always have the time – and are not typically reimbursed – for developing custom wellness plans or ensuring their adherence.

Engagement Rx® provides the tools for health coaching teams to personalize engagement to create behavior change at scale. The platform’s newest release, Flows 2.0, you can further customize care paths and leverage automation. Flows 2.0 offers more flexibility in designing personalized health programs by creating unique experiences based on the needs of your population. These care paths are designed by experts using lifestyle medicine principles to help individuals achieve their health goals using behavior-based content, courses, tools, and resources.

One of the primary benefits of Engagement Rx is that it can help health coaching teams create a more personalized experience. With Flows 2.0, you have the capability to add branching logic to care paths that address the specific needs and goals of each participant. For health coaching teams, Flows are a hugely versatile tool and can be used in Engagement Rx templates as the building blocks of microlearning courses or as a streamlined method of onboarding new participants. By doing so, participants are more likely to engage with their health and be invested in their care, leading to better health outcomes.

For example, an individual who is trying to manage their diabetes may receive a care path that includes personalized content on nutrition, exercise, and medication management. The care path may also include reminders to exercise and prompts to schedule appointments with their healthcare provider. With Engagement Rx, their care plan is tailored to their individual needs, making it more effective and motivating – and it’s all delivered automatically.

Engagement Rx also helps health coaching teams save time and resources by automating many aspects of participants communication. With Flows 2.0 combined with Automations, health coaching teams can create automated to-do’s that are triggered by specific participants actions. The automated messages can include reminders, educational content, and prompts to schedule follow-up appointments, making it easier for participants to stay on track with their care.

The new Flow 2.0 also includes the following features:

  • Template Catalog: You can now select from a growing library of templates curated by professionals. These Flows are created following best practices so you can save time and publish participant experiences faster getting you to market quicker. You can choose to use Flow templates as-is or personalize them to meet your individual needs.
  • Automation Components: Automation actions can now be triggered directly from within Flows 2.0 from anywhere you desire. This integration of automation actions will make it much easier to view the entire participant experience.
  • New Branching Logic Component: Branching logic is now available as a stand-alone component that can be used from anywhere within a flow – removing the need to branch directly from a question.
  • Improved Builder Behavior and Presentation: We have added some significant enhancements to how you view and interact with components as you build Flows. Each component more clearly shows the intended action item. These improvements will make it much easier to understand the user experience without having to select individual components to gain insight.
  • Publishing Model: You have more control during the creation and refinement of Flows. These publishing features will help to ensure a better experience for not just content creators but for participants as well – ensuring that they see only the content you want them to when you want them to see it.

Engagement Rx can help improve outcomes by providing participants with the resources and tools they need to manage their health more effectively. Flows 2.0 makes it easy to provide impactful, personalized content so individuals can improve their health. By empowering participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their health, health coaching teams can help participants achieve better health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Engagement Rx, now with Flows 2.0, is a powerful tool that can help health coaching teams and lifestyle medicine providers create personalized experiences for their participants. With Flows 2.0, coaching teams can automate customized care paths, deliver engaging communication touchpoints, and provide helpful resources, all while saving time and improving outcomes. Learn more about Flow 2.0 features here.


Measuring your engagement impact with these three KPIs

Community centers play a vital role in the health and well-being of local residents.

Through their physical spaces and engaging programming, community centers connect seniors, empower local youth, promote healthy lifestyles and strengthen community bonds. These social connections can foster stronger, safer and more inclusive communities, while services and programs can advance individual and community-level health and wellness initiatives.

Achieving positive outcomes hinges on community center performance; leading us to ask: does your community center measure any Key Performance Indicators a.k.a. KPIs? These are the measurable values that indicate how effectively your organization is performing in terms of engagement, financial success, member loyalty and more.

KPIs can give your community center data that can be used when setting engagement goals, devising strategies to reach targets and tracking progress.

Here we look at the three must-know KPIs community centers should be measuring – and using – to elevate member experiences and improve health and wellness outcomes.

No. 1 Member Dropout Rate

It’s estimated that in 2021 some 66.5 million Americans ages six and older, or 1 in 5 people, were members of a health club or fitness studio, according to IHRSA’s (The Global Health & Fitness Association) annual Health Club Consumer Report. Yet, the report found that most health and wellness centers lose 50% of new memberships within the first six months.

A community center’s member dropout rate is among the best indicators of the effectiveness of its engagement. By measuring how many members opted out of renewals or dropped out of memberships midway through, community centers can better understand when and why people are walking away from memberships and find ways to mitigate these dropout causes.

Are potential members dropping out after an initial trial period? It’s possible finances or your onboarding experience had an effect. In fact, 87% of gym members surveyed by IHRSA whose membership outlasted the six-month threshold had a positive onboarding experience. Does your data show that memberships wane ahead of annual renewal dates? It could be that your members haven’t seen – or experienced – the full value of your programs and services.

No. 2 Member Loyalty (a.k.a. Net Promoter Score)

The strength of every organization is rooted in its ability to build strong, long-term loyalty – and it’s no different for community centers. This brings us to our second must-know KPI: your Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer experience metric that measures loyalty.

By tracking your community center’s NPS, you’ll discover whether or not current members are satisfied with their membership. Truth be told, your NPS score is one of the easiest metrics to track. It’s all based upon asking your members one simple question: “On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company to a friend or colleague?”

This isn’t just an exit question either. Community centers can and should pose this question to members at various points throughout their trial periods and annual membership plans as NPS scores are a key way to garner member feedback on their experiences. It can also be an early indicator of engagement – be it positive or negative. With this feedback on satisfaction, community centers can make changes to better engage members and increase loyalty.

No. 3: Employee Engagement

It’s important to note: KPIs aren’t just about numbers. One of the most important indicators of a community center’s success comes down to attitudes, especially of your center’s staff.

We have another question for you: are you measuring how your employees feel about coming to work every day? What about asking employees about your organization’s mission? Are they aligned with your mission? Do they readily share this mission with your members? And are your employees themselves benefitting from your health and wellness programs?

You can gauge employment engagement by tracking employee retention rates, conducting employee surveys and knowing your eNPS score. If your employees aren’t satisfied, engaged and loyal, how can you expect your members to be?

Every day, community centers make neighborhoods better places to live, work and play.

By understanding your baseline KPIs, community centers can uncover problems and mitigate issues to ensure members, and employees, remain engaged and loyal. With the help of a digital wellness solution, community centers can digitize and simplify their onboarding processes, communicate relevant program offerings, send program reminders, provide encouraging messages and track key KPIs to improve member, and staff, experiences.

Contact our team to discover how Avidon Health’s Engagement Rx can optimize your member engagement, support employees and elevate your performance metrics.

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