Overcoming the five biggest hurdles to digital wellness engagement

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Struggling with digital wellness engagement? Here are five tips.

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By Clark Lagemann

Wellness programs and health coaching can only make a difference if the participants are engaged. In today’s world with unlimited options for entertainment and fitness, it can be a challenge to keep program participants engaged. Personalization of the coaching experience, customized content, and streamlined onboarding are all key to improving program retention, but each of those aspects can be challenging to implement at scale.

In his latest article for HR.com, Clark Lagemann, CEO of Avidon Health shares his top tips to for improving digital wellness engagement. Read his article “Overcoming The Five Biggest Hurdles To Digital Wellness Engagement” to learn more.

You can also view the complete issue of “Human Experience Excellence: Engagement Performance, Rewards and Recognition” from HR.com in an interactive magazine here or download a PDF here.

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