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It's About Behavior Change, Not Just Education

96% of participants recommend our courses.

Small, incremental steps
for long-lasting outcomes

Our video-based courses are grounded in principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to truly move participants forward toward healthy and lasting outcomes. The length of our courses varies from a few weeks to a couple of months, specifically targeting an individual’s needs and providing helpful tools to empower them to live their best lives.

Address the health risks that prevent positive change

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There are six unhealthy habits at the root of most chronic disease:

Poor diet

Poor stress management

Lack of physical activity

Insufficient sleep

Tobacco use

Excessive alcohol consumption

Our Engagement Rx® solution addresses all of them through our video-based behavior change courses, which provide the tools to create long-lasting health and wellbeing.

Course features

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Video sessions developed by expert instructors

Practical assignments

Interactive quizzes

Periodic check-ins

Personal coaching tools

Access on any device

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles

Cognitive behavioral training courses

Engagement Rx courses cover the topics that are most relevant to participants based on their personalized care path.

Courses are designed to break down harmful beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, and replace them with empowering cognitive responses. This cognitive behavioral training elicits positive outcomes and lasting change.

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Course overview

Download a comprehensive look at all of the courses we offer.

Substance use disorder

Using cognitive behavioral science to break the addiction cycle.

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Tobacco cessation

Smokers are 3x more likely to quit after completing this course.

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Stress and resilience

47% of participants feel lower stress levels.

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Nutrition and weight

62% of obese participants lower their BMI by an average of 12%.

women walking and getting active in park

Getting active

77% of participants increase their physical activity.

user testing blood for diabetes management

Diabetes management

93% of participants say they feel more in control.

glass with ice and alcohol tipped over

Alcohol management

52% of participants reduce their alcohol consumption.

man waking up from sleep

Sleep management

Participants sleep more soundly in just a few short weeks by addressing the psychological challenges of insomnia.

*Results are based on a large wellness program provider who compared the before-and-after annual Health Risk Assessments of 60,000+ participants who took at least one program.

Engagement Rx

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All Courses Overview

Supporting positive behavior change

Psychologically-based online lifestyle and disease management courses to help people break deep-seated unhealthy habits.

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LivingClear Course Overview

Using cognitive behavioral science to break the addiction cycle.

A video-based instructional course dedicated to addressing the psychological and emotional factors that contribute to substance use disorders (SUDs).

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LivingFree Course Overview

Breaking tobacco addiction

A psychologically-based tobacco cessation course that eliminates the core reason people can’t break their addiction.

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LivingEasy Course Overview

Create calm and build resilience

A psychologically-based online training course that empowers participants to turn emotionally disruptive events into a source of empowerment, enabling them to thrive.

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LivingLean Course Overview

Gaining power over food

A psychologically-based weight management course that eliminates the core reason people cannot resist the fattening foods and unhealthy eating habits that keep them overweight.

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LivingFit Course Overview

Learning to love exercise

A psychologically-based 12-week walking course to ease sedentary individuals into a daily exercise regimen.

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LivingWell Course Fact Sheet

Successfully manage diabetes

An online course that educates and empowers participants to transform the way they think about and manage diabetes—not just physically, but also emotionally.

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Introducing LivingClear™ for substance use disorders (SUD)
Using cognitive science to break the addiction cycle. LEARN MORE »