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About Avidon Health

Avidon Health is a team of behavior change and technology experts who empower health outcomes for participants, and business objectives for clients.

Avidon launched in 2020 following MedPro Wellness’ acquisition of SelfHelpWorks, which brought together more than 20 years of proven health coaching and cognitive behavioral training expertise. With a renewed vision, we created Engagement Rx®, a dynamic coaching and content delivery platform that provides personalized, 1-to-1 health and well-being experiences at scale.

Our solutions are now driving a revolution in personalized care that is enabling clients to reimagine the way they connect with and enhance the lives of their diverse populations.

Our unique approach

Science-backed methods

Our science-backed methods are rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to empower meaningful and healthy change.

Real human experiences

We believe in technology that serves as a connection to real human experiences.

Individualized, impactful

We deliver individualized and impactful strategies for personalized care paths that create more effective engagement.

Sustainable healthy results

Our behavior change solution outperforms traditional engagement tactics and provides sustainable healthy results.

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