Announcing the Engagement Rx® Product Communication Center

At Avidon Health, our top priority is to deliver an innovative ​solution ​that not only increases coaching teams’ ​productivity​​ ​but​ also​ improves the lives of coaching participants. We want you to know that we​’ve​​ ​been listening to your feedback and have been tracking product enhancement requests​.

To help improve product-related communications with our clients, Avidon Health is excited to introduce the Engagement Rx Product Communication Center.

The Engagement Rx Communication Center will clearly outline the product roadmap so you can see what projects or features are being planned, actively worked on, and what has been released. Our goal is to offer complete transparency of our feature releases, which is critical to giving you complete visibility into what’s coming up next.

One great feature of this communication center is you can submit ideas and share feedback, allowing our product team to focus on what features are most important to you.

Your input is critical in helping us craft the best technology possible. Please go check out the Engagement Rx Product Communication Center and thank you for playing an important role in the development of Engagement Rx.

Visit the Product Communication Center.

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