Enhanced automation and content creation now part of Engagement Rx

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Flows 2.0 makes it easier to create customized care paths that can be efficiently implemented for large groups of participants, allowing for more personalized and effective participant interactions.

Health coaching teams know that building trusting connections with their clients and personalizing care can help improve health outcomes. However, in today’s healthcare landscape, health coaching teams do not always have the time – and are not typically reimbursed – for developing custom wellness plans or ensuring their adherence.

Engagement Rx® provides the tools for health coaching teams to personalize engagement to create behavior change at scale. The platform’s newest release, Flows 2.0, you can further customize care paths and leverage automation. Flows 2.0 offers more flexibility in designing personalized health programs by creating unique experiences based on the needs of your population. These care paths are designed by experts using lifestyle medicine principles to help individuals achieve their health goals using behavior-based content, courses, tools, and resources.

One of the primary benefits of Engagement Rx is that it can help health coaching teams create a more personalized experience. With Flows 2.0, you have the capability to add branching logic to care paths that address the specific needs and goals of each participant. For health coaching teams, Flows are a hugely versatile tool and can be used in Engagement Rx templates as the building blocks of microlearning courses or as a streamlined method of onboarding new participants. By doing so, participants are more likely to engage with their health and be invested in their care, leading to better health outcomes.

For example, an individual who is trying to manage their diabetes may receive a care path that includes personalized content on nutrition, exercise, and medication management. The care path may also include reminders to exercise and prompts to schedule appointments with their healthcare provider. With Engagement Rx, their care plan is tailored to their individual needs, making it more effective and motivating – and it’s all delivered automatically.

Engagement Rx also helps health coaching teams save time and resources by automating many aspects of participants communication. With Flows 2.0 combined with Automations, health coaching teams can create automated to-do’s that are triggered by specific participants actions. The automated messages can include reminders, educational content, and prompts to schedule follow-up appointments, making it easier for participants to stay on track with their care.

The new Flow 2.0 also includes the following features:

  • Template Catalog: You can now select from a growing library of templates curated by professionals. These Flows are created following best practices so you can save time and publish participant experiences faster getting you to market quicker. You can choose to use Flow templates as-is or personalize them to meet your individual needs.
  • Automation Components: Automation actions can now be triggered directly from within Flows 2.0 from anywhere you desire. This integration of automation actions will make it much easier to view the entire participant experience.
  • New Branching Logic Component: Branching logic is now available as a stand-alone component that can be used from anywhere within a flow – removing the need to branch directly from a question.
  • Improved Builder Behavior and Presentation: We have added some significant enhancements to how you view and interact with components as you build Flows. Each component more clearly shows the intended action item. These improvements will make it much easier to understand the user experience without having to select individual components to gain insight.
  • Publishing Model: You have more control during the creation and refinement of Flows. These publishing features will help to ensure a better experience for not just content creators but for participants as well – ensuring that they see only the content you want them to when you want them to see it.

Engagement Rx can help improve outcomes by providing participants with the resources and tools they need to manage their health more effectively. Flows 2.0 makes it easy to provide impactful, personalized content so individuals can improve their health. By empowering participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their health, health coaching teams can help participants achieve better health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Engagement Rx, now with Flows 2.0, is a powerful tool that can help health coaching teams and lifestyle medicine providers create personalized experiences for their participants. With Flows 2.0, coaching teams can automate customized care paths, deliver engaging communication touchpoints, and provide helpful resources, all while saving time and improving outcomes. Learn more about Flow 2.0 features here.

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