Quickly deploy effective personalized health and wellness experiences

Engagement Rx®

Personalized learning

Evidence-based content and strategies for each unique health need.

Embedded in your platform

Deliver new capabilities without forcing users to leave your environment.

Turnkey, but customizable

Get started quickly, then tap your organization’s expertise to create new learning experiences.

Proven behavior change

Break unhealthy habits using cognitive science for results that last.

A platform tailored to your organization

Engagement Rx is a digital coaching platform used to improve engagement and adherence across diverse populations.

Designed to fill the gaps in your wellness offering, Engagement Rx includes an interactive member portal, curated content and course library, and an intuitive content design studio that enables the creation of new experiences aligned with your organizational priorities.




How clients use Engagement Rx

Engagement Rx is built on what we have learned from over 100,000 coaching sessions and more than 20 years of using behavioral science in asynchronous online training. The circumstances of our clients vary greatly, but often follow similar themes:


Partner Operations Specialist, Wellness Benefits Provider

Enhanced support for high-risk members that can be embedded into their existing wellness portal.

Engagement Rx’s interactive member portal and digital coaching engine including CBT and Microlearning courses proven to improve a range of health issues.


Have health coaches?
Improve efficiency and standardize care delivery utilizing our curated library of trusted videos, articles, and automated protocols.


VP of Population Health, Regional Health System

Triage high-risk diabetic patients using a very specific flow of information that leverages some of our content and some of their own.

Engagement Rx’s content library paired with additional articles and videos from the client.


Have health coaches?
Design a custom communications workflow around the diabetes initiative and include a custom intro video from each coach to built rapport ahead of the first session.


VP of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Health Payer

Develop new education modules around the impact of Social Determinants of Health in order to drive community awareness and action.

Engagement Rx’s “no-code” Content Design Studio, an intuitive workflow builder enabling the creation of a customized SDoH sequence including assessments, content, and communications.


Have health coaches?
Empower coaches to design or edit their own care protocols using only pre-approved content.

Who Engagement Rx helps

No matter the health goal or skill level, Engagement Rx provides tailored coaching support proven to get  results. Topics covered by our courses, curated content, and digital coaching protocols include:

Increase engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive your business forward with Engagement Rx.

Increase engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive your business forward with Engagement Rx.

Engagement Rx®

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