Avidon Health wins 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Virtual Health Coach

Award recognizes Engagement Rx® digital coaching platform which improves engagement and adherence across large populations at scale. 

CRANFORD, NJ — May 31, 2022 — Avidon Health, a leading provider of digital coaching solutions proven to break unhealthy habits for diverse populations, today announced that it has received the 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Virtual Health Coach for Engagement Rx. The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize top companies, people, platforms and products in the health, fitness and medical technology industries.

Engagement Rx is a digital coaching platform used to improve engagement and adherence across large populations at scale. Using breakthrough cognitive science methodologies, Engagement Rx helps change unhealthy behaviors by blending a human coaching experience with automated wellness technology.

The Engagement Rx platform includes:

  • An interactive, white-label member portal
  • Personalized learning with more than 100 health and wellbeing educational modules
  • Compatibility with 300 wellness devices
  • More than ​​500 health and wellbeing articles and videos.
  • A coaching management toolkit
  • An intuitive content design studio enabling the creation of new experiences aligned with an organization’s priorities

“We are honored to receive the MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Virtual Health Coach,” said Clark Lagemann, CEO of Avidon Health. “Now more than ever, individuals need support to help them break unhealthy habits and make lasting positive change. However, companies and health coaches need to meet people where they are to make the biggest impact. Our solutions are purpose-built to replicate live coaching at scale in a digital environment, saving organizations time and enabling them to serve more people.”

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards mission is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, innovation, hard work and success of digital health and medical technology companies, services and products around the globe. Avidon Health was recognized among other innovative digital health pioneers like Medtronic, Honeywell and Teladoc.

Winner of Best Virtual Health Coach, Engagement RX stands out as a scalable solution that helps fulfill wellness initiatives in organizations at a time when stress, sleep issues and other contributors to chronic illness are higher than ever. Avidon’s Engagement Rx is a solution that helps workplaces and health systems address the issues that affect health and empower individuals to make changes that improve their lives.

About Avidon Health:
Launched in 2020 following MedPro Wellness’ acquisition of SelfHelpWorks, Avidon Health is helping people, teams, and organizations engage better and coach smarter. Our mission is to help our clients disrupt unhealthy behaviors by blending a personalized coaching experience with automated wellness technologies. Learn more at

About MedTech Breakthrough Awards
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