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Health coaching expenses cut by 30% while participation increased by 67%

The challenge

An insurance services company offered tailored solutions and full-service wellness programs, including health coaching, to their clients. They needed to maintain a high-quality personalized coaching experience for participants while reducing the administrative burden and expenses of the coaching program.

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They wanted a solution that is:

  • Scalable: The company wanted to reduce cost but maintain or grow coaching program participation levels.
  • Engaging: The company serves a diverse group of individuals with unique health and wellness needs. The company needed to streamline processes while improving participant engagement and satisfaction.

See how the Engagement Rx® digital health coaching platform improved engagement and program adherence.

About Avidon Health

Avidon Health provides innovative coaching solutions to personalize engagement and create behavior change at scale. We are a team of behavior change experts who empower people to make positive life changes by focusing on the individual, not just the condition. Avidon’s core product, Engagement Rx, is a digital coaching platform used to improve adherence and outcomes for diverse populations, and includes an interactive eLearning portal, coach CRM, and Content Design Studio. This turnkey-but-customizable solution can serve as a standalone portal or embed within existing platforms to deliver personalized learning using proven behavior change frameworks.

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