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The LivingLean nutrition & weight management course is helping people change lives

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LivingLean is a psychology-based training course that empowers participants to change the way they think about eating so they can achieve lasting weight loss and a healthy relationship with food.

LivingLean Nutrition and Weight Management Efficacy FactSheet cover

In our recent Engagement Rx® Course Efficacy and Outcomes report, we measured our weight management course over the period of 6/1/2020 through 5/31/2021.

Across all courses started over that period, 146k people began the courses resulting in an average of 6.8k starts per month. For those that completed the course, Engagement Rx helped drive a 96% overall health and weight management outcome.

See the full results in the LivingLean Factsheet.

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Avidon Health provides innovative coaching solutions to personalize engagement and create behavior change at scale. We are a team of behavior change experts who empower people to make positive life changes by focusing on the individual, not just the condition. Avidon’s core product, Engagement Rx, is a digital coaching platform used to improve adherence and outcomes for diverse populations, and includes an interactive eLearning portal, coach CRM, and Content Design Studio. This turnkey-but-customizable solution can serve as a standalone portal or embed within existing platforms to deliver personalized learning using proven behavior change frameworks.

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