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Changing behaviors, changing lives

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To offer greater flexibility for participants, we provide a library of relevant and actionable information in the form of behavior change courses, short videos, articles, quick cards and more to help participants take small, incremental steps towards achieving long-term goals.

Here’s just a sample of the types of content available:

  • Courses
    Self-guided video-based instruction from subject matter experts using principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) combined with health coaching methodology.
  • Microlearning Courses
    Structured curriculum broken into bite-sized pieces including lesson content, videos, articles, and evaluations.
  • Videos
    Engaging topical videos (typically 3-5 minutes) that can be combined into sequenced modules or viewed alone.
  • Articles
    Text-based education covering a range of topics written for an elementary school reading level. Can be combined with or serve as an alternative to video content.
  • Support Audio
    Audio files provided to supplement or reinforce course training, including educational content and guided experiences (i.e. meditation).
  • “Key to Success” Cards
    Printable support tools that help to reinforce key education and trigger mindfulness toward the changing of unhealthy behaviors..

All content is customizable and based around our proven cognitive behavioral training courses:

  • SubstanceUseDisorder (LivingClear)—Break the addiction cycle
  • Stress (LivingEasy)—Create calm, build resilience
  • Fitness (LivingFit)—Learn to love exercise
  • Tobacco (LivingFree)—Quit smoking for good
  • Food (LivingLean)—Overpower your cravings
  • Alcohol (LivingSmart)—Gain control over drinking
  • Diabetes (LivingWell)—Manage your condition
  • Sleep (LivingWellRested)—Rest and perform better

Download the detailed content listing for a comprehensive view of current and future offerings within the Engagement Rx white-label coaching solution. We focus on the Individual, not just the condition.

About Avidon Health

Launched in 2020 following MedPro Wellness’ acquisition of SelfHelpWorks, Avidon Health is a team of behavior change experts who are passionate about providing health strategies that empower people to make positive life changes. Avidon’s proprietary digital health platform, Engagement Rx, is an innovative behavior change solution that focuses on the individual, not just the condition. We use cognitive behavior training and technology to advance the human connection and create lasting outcomes. We also support clients with care team resources that include staff, our Coach+ CRM, and comprehensive team training.

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