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Enhanced engagement for health systems

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Doubling patient compliance through enhanced engagement

A framework for health systems

It’s an age-old story. The challenge to get patients to engage with treatment plans that help them better manage chronic health conditions. The time and costs involved when they drop out.

The good news is that a recent study examines a strategy that’s proven to increase compliance by as much as 112%.

In this case study, we detail the strategy Avidon implemented to more than double the adherence rate for a multi-stage nutritional protocol through the deployment of a scalable enhanced coaching model.

Learn how Avidon’s approach:

  • Drives better protocol adherence
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Lowers overall healthcare costs

About Avidon Health

Launched in 2020 following MedPro Wellness’ acquisition of SelfHelpWorks, Avidon Health is a team of behavior change experts who are passionate about providing health strategies that empower people to make positive life changes. Avidon’s proprietary digital health platform, Engagement Rx, is an innovative behavior change solution that focuses on the individual, not just the condition. We use cognitive behavior training and technology to advance the human connection and create lasting outcomes. We also support clients with care team resources that include staff, our Coach+ CRM, and comprehensive team training.

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Avidon Health ranked the 221st Fastest-Growing Company on Deloitte's Fast 500READ MORE »