Webinar: Health Coaching and Trauma-Informed Care

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Learn what trauma is identified as, what trauma informed care is, and what the six main tenants of it are.

Time to watch: 1 hour
Hosted by Brittany Kowalski and Tanya Haley


Watch Brittany Kowalski and Tanya Haley in this continuing education webinar replay, “Health Coaching and Trauma-Informed Care.”

This will help health coaches continue to grow and serve their participants while staying within their scope of practice.

Ms. Haley, MS, CHES, CHC, holds a master’s degree in Health Promotion and has a vested interest in changing the landscape of our healthcare industry through the implementation of Trauma Informed Care.

Brittany is the Director of Training & Engagement and a NBHWC with Avidon Health.


  • Identify what trauma is identified as
  • What trauma-informed care is and looks like for a coach staying within their scope of practice
  • The six main tenets of trauma-informed care

Please note this event is purely educational, not medical or mental health advice.

Watch the full webinar:


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