Podcast: Cognitive behavioral science tech for substance use disorders

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Listen to the Tech Talks Daily Podcast with Neil C. Hughes featuring Clark Lagemann, Co-CEO of Avidon Health.

Time to listen: 17 minutes – Tech Talks Daily Podcast

In this episode:

Clark Lagemann joins Neil C. Hughes on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to discuss how technology can help employees who are struggling with substance abuse. According to a recent survey, the pandemic has exacerbated substance use for employees. Among workers struggling with addiction or substance abuse issues, more than one-third say it has affected their work more since the pandemic began. Unfortunately, many employees are afraid to say they need help.

They may end up leaving the workforce altogether or suffer in silence as their work deteriorates–and they may experience safety risks if their job entails driving or using heavy machinery. So what can employers and companies do to help if they don’t know their employee is struggling?

Fortunately, technology can make a difference for individuals needing to make a change and Avidon Health takes a different approach to online coaching through a hybrid approach.

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