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Key factors to drive healthcare engagement

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In an era when patient communication channels have moved online, how can providers ensure that digital health and behavior modification tools drive healthcare engagement in a way that promotes meaningful, long-lasting, and positive outcomes?

Time to read: 4 minutes
By Clark Lagemann


  • Each of us is unique. Genetics, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), and behavior calls on health systems and providers to address chronic health conditions and deliver treatment in a personalized way that meets each individual’s unique needs.
  • In an era when patient communication channels have moved online, providers leverage digital health platforms to drive healthcare engagement.
  • Cognitive behavioral interventions delivered virtually and tailored to the individual are a must to boost patient engagement and see positive health change, but how?
  • Interventions must align with a patient’s values and goals for lasting success.
  • Deploying an automated and effective onboarding patient experience and prioritizing personalized communication is mission-critical to ensure lasting success.

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