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We are thrilled to announce that Clark Lagemann, CEO of Avidon Health, has been featured in the June 2024 edition of’s Employee Benefits and Wellness Excellence magazine. His article, “GLP-1 Medications In Employee Health: Financial Implications And Best Practices,” dives deep into the hidden costs and opportunities of GLP-1 medications in corporate wellness programs.

In this insightful piece, Clark explores:

  • Understanding GLP-1 Agonists: The revolutionary impact of GLP-1 medications on weight loss and the substantial financial implications for employers.
  • The Cost to Employers: Detailed analysis of the long-term healthcare costs associated with these medications, highlighting the importance of chronic use for sustained results.
  • Challenges in Adherence: Examination of the low real-world adherence rates and the necessity of consistent use to maintain health benefits.
  • The Role of Health Coaching: The critical role of integrating health coaching with GLP-1 therapy to achieve sustainable weight loss and health improvements.
  • Recommendations for HR Decision-Makers: Practical strategies for evaluating the cost-benefit, promoting adherence, integrating health coaching, monitoring outcomes, and fostering a supportive environment.

This contribution underscores our commitment to advancing employee wellness and providing valuable insights to HR professionals navigating the complexities of modern healthcare trends.


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