How remote and hybrid work has redefined wellness benefits

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Our new reality has created new barriers to better health for employees who once thrived in onsite wellness programs.

Time to read: 3 minutes
By Clark Lagemann

The acceleration of remote-hybrid work has created new barriers to health for employees who thrived with traditional, onsite wellness programs. As impediments to better health increase, unhealthy lifestyles such as inactivity, poor diet, stress, inadequate sleep, addictions, and associated health risks such as depression, may be exacerbated. How can benefits brokers and managers help companies and individuals navigate wellness and behavior change options in a way that promotes lasting change?


  • Why brokers should offer digital coaching to address mounting health and wellness issues.
  • How cognitive behavioral training can increase engagement and retention in programs to improve mental health.
  • The importance of offering behavior change programs to support mental health initiatives.
  • The ROI of behavior change programs for both the employee- and employer-paid programs as well as how programs contribute to the reduction of health spend.

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