Podcast: Encouraging lifestyle changes driving significant impact on chronic conditions

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Listen to the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda featuring Tim Aumueller, Co-CEO of Avidon Health.

Time to listen: 18 minutes – Empowered Patient Podcast

In this episode:

Tim Aumueller is the Co-CEO of Avidon Health and an expert on combining digital solutions and human coaching to help patients living with chronic diseases make lifestyle changes. While drugs will most likely always be part of a treatment plan, direct behavior change science is demonstrating the impact that healthy behaviors have on prevention and mitigation of chronic diseases especially those related to obesity.

With a focus on the different elements of meaningful engagement, Avidon is deploying Engagement Rx® to take into account learning style and preferred method of communication to provide the appropriate mixture of personalized support and online guidance. The key is to see the patient as more than the medical condition and coming up with an approach that fits with their lifestyle and encourages healthy behavior changes. It is also critical to measure progress and when goals are accomplished.

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