SelfHelpWorks and MedPro Wellness Are Now Avidon Health

By combining their behavior change expertise, the team has created a unified digital health solution that empowers people to create positive outcomes.

SelfHelpWorks logo plus MedPro Wellness logo equals Avidon Health logo
SelfHelpWorks logo plus MedPro Wellness logo equals Avidon Health logo

Changing lives by fixing the engagement problem in healthcare

Bold statements emerge from big visions. This is where the Avidon Health story begins. 

In 2020, we embarked on a journey to unite two successful companies, each dedicated to addressing the behavioral drivers of those unhealthy habits responsible for a vast majority of costly, life-altering chronic conditions. 

Our goal: help organizations inspire healthier behaviors by providing the resources and environment that produce optimal engagement.

For many, the word ‘engagement’ is often synonymous with ‘participation’. While participation is an important component of the process, it is only the beginning. Meaningful engagement includes three key elements: participation, completion, and sustained outcomes. This is why we created a unified solution that not only attracts participants, but also delivers evidence-based programming where, how, and when it’s needed with the accountability to make it stick.

Building on proven results

Since launching in 1999, SelfHelpWorks has empowered more than a million unique users to create healthy habits using digital behavior change courses grounded in the latest cognitive training techniques. 

Meanwhile, MedPro Wellness, founded in 2013, has helped over 100,000 participants live their best lives via 1-to-1 human coaching combined with innovative technologies proven to enhance engagement and outcomes.

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By combining our 30+ years of content, coaching, and technical expertise, we have created a unified, sophisticated solution capable of addressing many of the most difficult challenges in healthcare.

1 + 1 = 3

By providing a better engagement framework that can adapt to the unique attributes and circumstances of each individual, Avidon Health will be a leader in the evolution of personalized health and wellness. Paired with our scientifically-based cognitive training methods and expert-level human support, we will continue to help our clients change lives while simultaneously achieving the results that matter most for their businesses.

We have invested heavily in an overhaul of our technology platform and care team training to more effectively deliver our broad expertise to large, diverse populations. We are beyond excited to begin rolling out some of these new capabilities in early 2021.

Joining forces isn’t just about combining existing solutions. It’s an opportunity for us to reimagine the way healthcare professionals, wellness providers, and employers drive meaningful, lasting outcomes for their populations.

I’ve dedicated my career to using cognitive behavioral training to help people change the hard-to-break habits behind so many chronic health problems. When I founded SelfHelpWorks more than 20 years ago, I always dreamed of making these methodologies more accessible to everyone who needs them. I couldn’t be prouder to pass on this legacy to Avidon, who is taking it to a whole new level.

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